Surviving the Unthinkable

Surviving the Unthinkable: Memoir of an Anonymous Survivor

Welcome to our first blog post from our survivor forum, where we provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their stories anonymously without the fear of judgment or backlash from people in their lives.

We are honored to have an anonymous survivor bravely share her harrowing tale of enduring abuse, trauma, and the loss of innocence at the hands of her mother.

The first time she was sexually assaulted, she was just a baby - a 4-year-old baby. Her own mother, who was supposed to protect her, chose her addiction and traded her for a dime bag of drugs. In that moment, her innocence was shattered, and her trust in the world around her was irreparably damaged.

She was sexually assaulted by her own mother's drug dealer/fiancé. It wasn't just him, but a horrifying network of abusers including his brother, their cousins, and friends. The abuse escalated, the trauma deepened, and her mother’s extended network of predators took a piece of her innocence every day until she was 7. She was removed from her mother's care after an incident where her mother attempted suicide during a drug-induced psychosis.

Unfortunately, the person who was granted custody of her was far from a savior. He may not have been sexually abusive, but his physical violence was enough to leave her battered and broken. The abuse she endured at his hands was nothing short of horrific, a never-ending cycle of pain and fear that seemed impossible to escape.

Now, as a mother to a son, she is fiercely protective and adamant about teaching him valuable lessons about boundaries, consent, and the importance of speaking up. She is determined to instill in him the knowledge that it is not okay for anyone to touch him inappropriately and that secrets should never be kept, especially when it comes to matters of abuse. Through the darkness, she found the strength to survive and overcome the unimaginable. She bravely shares her story in the hopes of shedding light on the traumatic experiences that many survivors face in silence.

As we navigate our own paths to healing, let us draw inspiration from her story and remember that we are not alone in our struggles. Together, we can break the cycle of abuse, heal our wounds, and reclaim our power. Surviving the unthinkable is not just about surviving – it's about thriving and reclaiming our sense of self-worth and dignity.

If you are a survivor of abuse, know that healing is possible, and you are deserving of love, support, and empowerment. You are not defined by your past experiences – you are a survivor, a warrior, and a beacon of hope for others who may be walking a similar path. Stay strong, stay resilient, and remember that you are never alone in your journey towards healing and empowerment. #SurvivorStrong

If you are a survivor who is ready to share your story, we invite you to fill out our Anonymous submission forum. Your voice matters, and we are here to listen.

Let’s create a community of survivors who support each other and stand together in solidarity.
Together, we can break the silence and heal. Let your voice be heard.

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